English 11: 5 Sentences, 5 Minutes, 5 Marks

27 Feb

Response #1 – Who do you think should be the leader? Ralph? Jack? Piggy? Simon?

Of all of the boys stranded on the Island, Ralph is best suited to lead. He takes an extremely democratic approach to things, ensuring everything is fair, and focusing a lot on “Majority Vote”. Another very important aspect of Ralph is that he is almost always looking out for the well being of the boys. While the rest of the children are running around, playing, and just wasting time, Ralph assembles everyone. During his assemblies, he gives everybody tasks which are meant to improve the general well being of the group. These tasks both gives the boys a sense of purpose, benefiting their survival through shelter, food, and morale. Ralph also connects with the other boys emotionally, and forms very important bonds with his people. Jack, Piggy, and Simon, compared to Ralph, and unfit to lead the group, as Ralph is superior in every way.

Response #2 – What is the Greatest Fear the boys face?

Throughout the novel, the boys face many different “Beasties”, all meant to symbolize fear. Of all of the fear faced in the novel, none of the beasties should be considered the boy’s greatest fear. The greatest fear the boys should face is the fear of themselves. The “Beasties” and the “Ghosts” and all of the other nasties are not evil at all. The only evil on the Island is the boys themselves.





Response #3 – What will Jack carry away from the experience? Roger? Sam and Eric?

Isolated from society, the boys quickly lost their social conditioning, which enabled their grim, true nature to be expressed. All of the boys experienced significant change and trauma which they will have to face for the rest of their lives. Jack degenerated from a fragile choir boy, to a totalitarianistic, blood-lusting dictator. He will have to live with the guilt of indirectly murdering 2 boys, as well as live with knowing just how much of a monster he is capable of becoming. As for Roger, Roger will have to live with the guilt of killing Piggy, and will have to come to terms with his violent nature. Sam’n Eric will have to live with knowing that their innocence has been stripped of them by Jack and his hunting tribe. And they will most definitely suffer an identity crisis, since the duration of their time on the island was stripping the two of them of all individuality, and essentially turning the two, into one. All of the boys have suffered tremendously on the island, and will have to carry away a lot of emotional baggage from the experience.


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