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English 11: Another 5 Sentences, another 5 Minutes, and another 5 Marks

1 Mar

In Class Response: Is Simon experiencing the presence of evil or is he just dehydrated? Give reasons for your belief?

As Simon rests on his bed of vines, stricken with severe dehydration, he watching an extremely savage event unfold. He peered through the vines, to watch Jack and his band of hunters ambush and brutally slaughter a mother sow.As the boys slaughtered the sow, the spew its guts to and fro, leaving a great mess for the flies to consume. Jack and his hunting crew tore the head off of the mother pig, and mounted it upon one of the boy’s crude hunting spear. This is where the story takes and important turn, and reveals the very theme of the novel. Here, Simon meets the physical manifestation of the evil that is on this island: The evil in the heart of man This evil presents itself in the form of the pig head, calling himself “The Lord of The Flies”. It talks to Simon, reminding him that there is no other help for him, besides the Lord of The Flies. The pig ask Simon if he knew that the pig was a part of him. Suggesting that even though Simon is the symbol or purity, he is not exempt for the presence of even in man. This event was not a hallucination, but a “spiritual” epiphany of the character while he in his most vulnerable state.